Friday, July 23, 2010

23 weeks

I will be 23 weeks along tomorrow!  Crazy.  Everyone has told me that the last half of pregnancy goes much faster than the first half, and so far that has absolutely been true.  I feel like these next few months will fly by too.  Not that I mind.  I cannot wait to hold my baby girl.  I cannot wait to see what she will look like.  I cannot wait to smell her.  I especially cannot wait to watch my husband holding her.  Aw, that will melt my heart :)

All that being said, I feel like I'm not prepared at all!  The nursery is not even close to being ready.  I have a lot of work to do on that.  Once that is ready for her arrival, I'm sure I'll feel much better!  Oh, and the whole labor thing...I have no clue about that.  Any part of it.  I should probably take some birthing classes or read a book or something.  I feel like that is something I will feel better about once I study a little.

I still feel great though, thank the Lord!  Other than my crazy left hip and looking like I'm a teenager again with my acne, I have had a wonderful pregnancy so far.  And I am starting to feel her moving!  I just LOVE it.  It's just the cute little flutters so far.  I have only had one or two swift kicks, so I may take that whole LOVE statement back when I'm trying to get some sleep in the near future!

So other than pregnancy and my whole life changing, everything else is going great too.  I joined my sister, parents, and grandparents today to take a trip to Eischen's.  Yummy.  It had been months since I'd been, and I just love it every time I go.  My mom and grandparents had never been, but I think it was a successful trip all around.  Gotta love their fried chicken and okra.  And the nachos.  Mmmm.....Anyway, it was an impromptu party for my mom as tomorrow is her birthday!  Glad I got to see her and spend some awesome family time.  I'm hoping to spend the rest of the weekend with some good friends, a little relaxing, and maybe even a little nursery cleaning.  Maybe.