Friday, August 27, 2010

Catching Up

So...once again, I have failed to blog lately.  I  have missed some big stuff in the last few weeks, so I'm going to do a little catch-up post.

First, I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow!  Whew!  3rd trimester, which sounds so close to meeting my baby girl!  I am very ready, but not feeling at all prepared still.  I'm working on it though.  My nesting instincts have somewhat kicked in, and I'm busy cleaning out the nursery and trying to make room for all of the necessary baby stuff.  I've always felt like my house is lacking storage space, and that feeling has magnified now!  Babies require a lot of stuff, which is equivalent to a lot of space that I don't feel like I have.  Oh well, we'll make it work.  I also am going to register tomorrow!  Doing that will make me feel like I've accomplished a big task!  It may not seem like a lot, but looking at everything tends to overwhelm me!  Again, there is SO much stuff they need!

She is moving around like crazy now.  I love it!  I've just started feeling her more consistently.  And she still lets me sleep at night!  I really, really hope that continues.  I love my sleep, and I have accepted the fact that I won't get to enjoy it near as much in my future!  I feel really large, but I'm also aware that I'm not nearly as large as I'll be a few weeks from now.  And next week, my doctor's appointment is the dreaded glucose test.  I've been told all about it, so I hope I can down the drink quickly and without much nastiness.  After that, I'll start having bi-weekly appointments, which I know will make the time fly by even quicker.

A big event that I missed...and possibly I did this subconsciously :) was my big birthday.  Yep, I'm officially 30.  Weird stuff.  I don't feel it at all.  I'm not sure what it's supposed to feel like, but 30 has always seemed like it would be life-altering.  We didn't do much, which I was just fine with!  Jimmy took me out to eat at Castle Falls, a local German restaurant.  It was something different for us, and we both had a good time just talking about our future and how different this next year will be for us.  We are so excited to be at this point in our lives, and it was really fun spending my "big" day with my favorite person!

Well, the other topic I want to blog about involves pictures, so I will have to wait until I upload those onto my computer.  Maybe in the next few days?  Or maybe next month at the rate I've been going.  I have a lot of nesting to do in the near future, you know!