Monday, April 19, 2010

15 years

Today is April 19, 2010, which marks the 15 year anniversary of the OKC Murrah Federal Building Bombing.  I remember that day, fairly vividly.  I was in band at Hollis and we were on our way to Stillwater for a competition.  We drove through OKC not long after the bombing happened.  I remember being on the bus and everyone commenting on the huge cloud of smoke that we could see coming from the downtown area.  Wow, huge fire, we thought.  It was sometime later while we were in Stillwater that our band director delivered the news to us.  I think I was a little too young and naive at the time to understand the magnitude of this event.  It took a few days of watching the news footage and finding out that people I knew were affected by the situation before I really understood how huge this day was.  It seems crazy that it has been 15 years now.  A few years ago, I went through the bombing memorial, and it's a very powerful place.  I learned many details that I'd never known before and it's very moving to go through all the rooms and see the remaining damage.  I think the most moving part is the room with pictures of the 168 victims.  I didn't know any of the people personally, but it's still hard to see all of them and imagine the horrible time their families went through.

I think days like this make me even more grateful for who I have in my life.  I have been so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends.  It seems like many people I know are dealing right now with the death of a friend or horrible tragedies affecting family members or some other unimaginable issue.  All of this has also made me grateful for those in my life.  I just wish it didn't take tragic events to make me so aware of how precious life really is and how appreciative I should be.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grandma's 80th Birthday

A few weeks ago, my grandma celebrated her 80th birthday.  Last weekend our family got together to celebrate  with Grandma, her twin, and one of her friends who also had a birthday.  It was great to see everyone and it was Jimmy's first time to meet a lot of our extended family.  We had a great day!

My sister, me, Melody, and Hannah

Me and Mel.  And the lazy eye I developed in EVERY picture that day.

Jimmy and Mel

Cathy, Mom, Grandma, Dorothy, Margaret, and Anita.

Grandma and all the grandkids.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend Recap...a few days late

I can't believe it has taken me so long to post about Easter!  I have been so lazy this last week.  My house has been suffering too.  I must do something about that today.  I also plan to spend some time with my wonderful hubby today on my day off!  I love spending time with him, and I love that I'm married to my best friend.

Ok, here's what I've missed.  Last weekend was my sister's birthday.  She's getting old :)  She came to visit, then we all went to visit my parents and see their new kitchen.  LOVE it!  They remodeled and got new appliances and it looks like an entirely different house.  They're very excited about it, and I can't blame them.  They made us some awesome food for Becca's birthday, and we were pretty laid back other than that.  Our dogs go nuts when we go up there.  Not only do they get to play with Griffey's brother, Yogi, but they have space to run and play.  We also discovered on this trip that Griffey loves to swim.  We've never really had him around water, but he was so cute!  We'd toss something out in the lake and Cassius and Yogi would run until they could stand with their heads above water and stop, but Griffey would just leap in and swim all around.  I loved it.  All three dogs were completely wiped out when we left and spent the next few days sleeping and recuperating.

We came home Saturday to get ready for our big Easter Sunday at church, which went awesome!  We had record attendance and hundreds of salvations.  Everything went great.  Elmo even made an appearance in the kids' area and was a huge hit!  After church, we went to our favorite place, Aja Bleu, to eat some traditional Easter food since I wasn't about to cook a whole feast for just the 2 of us!  Lazy?...maybe.  But it works for us for now :)  Then we wrapped up our Sunday watching Amazing Race (go Jet and Cord!) and our new favorite show, Undercover Boss.  I know I'm a sensitive gal, but it just gets me every time!  Watching bosses learn how to better themselves and help those in their companies who are less can you not love that?