Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Big House

Like I mentioned in my last post, this weekend was the small school state basketball tournament.  Most people do not understand this, but this is something that I was raised to attend yearly.  It's such a fun environment that I don't think you can really understand unless you've been at a small school.  The entire town comes out to cheer for their local team, and the support is just so different than what I have observed in a big school environment.  This year was no different.  I didn't even know anyone that I got to watch, but had such a great time!  I just love watching the kids live out their dreams.and seeing all their hard work become worth it.  I got to reunite with some old friends and see some really good games.  Gotta love the Big House!

The downside of the weekend is that the weather is getting nicer in Oklahoma, meaning the seasonal allergies have taken over my life.  I didn't feel great at all.  My dad was also sick, and we spent the first night they were here up with our three dogs.  They were all so hyped up, and we did not get much sleep at all.  But they were much better the next night once they got used to each other. 

And I usually don't plan to attend the big school state tournament, but hubby's alma mater, the mighty Watonga Eagles, have had an outstanding year.  They are actually still undefeated.  I hope they take the gold, which will mean another trip to the Big House!